5 Reasons We Are Bullish on Logistics-Tech

At Mount Parker Ventures we have made logistics tech a core focus of our fund and we also run the KineticOne accelerator for logistics startups. One question I’m always asked is why we choose to focus on the sector and why we are [READ MORE ....]

A founder’s guide to key terms of a convertible note

At a recent startup talk I gave, most of the questions were asked in terms and structure of convertible notes and how they affect a founder’s economics. Therefore it would be useful to outline the key terms for it. A convertible note is a flexible alternative [READ MORE ....]

Seed To Series A Presentation

Our Seed To Series A presentation focuses on the issues seed-stage startups face and how to navigate the path to the Series A fundraising. The [READ MORE ....]

Chinese versus US Tech Valuations

With the US market becoming an attractive destination for Chinese tech IPOs, it is worth revisiting the relative valuations of Chinese tech companies versus their US counterparts. I have chosen to compare three US tech companies with their closest China counterparts. [READ MORE ....]

Asian Venture Capital 2016 Review / 2017 Outlook

Mount Parker Ventures has just published its first Asian Venture Capital review. The report reviews the major trends in Asian VC such as the geographic and sector sizes, round sizes and company valuations. Download The Asian Venture Capital 2016 Review / 2017 [READ MORE ....]

Revenue Recognition For Technology Firms

When and how much revenue to recognise in a firm’s accounts is one of the most contentious and important issues in financial accounting. The issue is especially acute for tech firms since early-stage tech firms may not yet have reached profitability, thus revenue and revenue [READ MORE ....]

Profitability Measures for Tech Companies

With the tech funding market’s shift in focus from revenue growth to profitability as come a lot of confusion on which measure of profitability is a suitable benchmark for tech companies. Gross Profit Revenue less costs directly associated with delivering [READ MORE ....]

The State of FinTech

The recent travails of Lending Club have shone a not-so-flattering light on FinTech startups. On the surface, the finance industry replete with large slow-to-innovate institutions appears ripe for disruption. However, the performance of the recently public FinTech companies shows that finance make not be as [READ MORE ....]

The Declining Importance of Revenue Growth

To recap the first post on the Great Compression in Tech Valuations there are two related trends in EV/Revenue for Saas companies over the past three years – the overall decline in valuations (ie EV/Revenue ratios) and the clustering [READ MORE ....]

The Compression in Tech Valuations

In this series of posts I will examine the compression in tech valuations (as measured by the Enterprise Value/Revenue ratio).In this first post I will take a look at what exactly happened and look a little beneath the surface at some of the underlying trends. In [READ MORE ....]