Our process and how we work

We meet hundreds of startups every year and we love the opportunity of learning from talented founders from all over Asia. Below is a general overview of what to expect as you begin working with our team.
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    1. Meet us via events, warm intros or simply reach out to us directly

    Whether it be in-person or simply an e-mail intro, we meet new founders every day from different parts of the region. We are constantly searching for the best talent to partner with. So don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you’re working on.

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    2. Deck review and initial due diligence

    Typically, we would ask for your investor deck that show us a bit more about your product, team, market, traction, differentiation, and the details of your funding round. Please do have those ready when we first engage as would save a lot of time. We may send you some follow on questions as we review your material.

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    3. Meeting with the founding team

    We then may request a meeting so that we can meet your team in-person where geography allows. After this meeting, we may again ask follow up questions or request another meeting, whether online or off.

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    4. Further due diligence and questions

    The next step for us is to dive deeper into your business, look closer at your product, traction and team. At this stage, our investment team has an increased interest in your business.

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    5. Decision is made

    Our investment committee meets on a regular basis where it makes final decisions on all investments. As soon as we have come to a conclusion to invest, we will communicate this to the founders and take the process to the term sheet phase.